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Worried about your pets health?

If you are unsure if your pet should be seen by a vet then the Interactive Symptom Guide may help you decide.  

Click here to find out what’s wrong with your pet.

 Planning to travel?

We have had two cases at the practice of dogs that have been diagnosed with exotic diseases caught whilst travelling abroad.

If you are planning to travel abroad with your dog then please click here as these diseases are serious and potentially deadly. Those travelling to the Mediterranean coast are most at risk.

The diseases are transmitted by ticks, mosquitoes and sandflies. We are recommending that all owners consider treating their pets with Advantix before travelling, in addition to the compulsory flea and tick treatments that are given on the way back to the UK.

It is still possible for a heavy infestation of ticks or biting insects to overcome the product and therefore it is also important to avoid areas or times of day when they are found in greatest numbers.

For ticks this includes wooded areas and rough grazing. Check pets daily for ticks and remove them as most diseases are not transmitted immediately. Mosquitoes emerge mainly at night, dusk and dawn, so use mosquito- netted windows and repellents.

If you are travelling and wish to protect your pet with Advantix, please let us know so that we can ensure it is in stock.

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