Dietary Advice

As the owner of a pet you have the responsibility to decide what your pet eats – you must not let your pet dictate the menu. In the wild your pet would eat vegetation, small rodents and birds, carrion and whatever large prey a pack could bring down.

It is simpler for us to feed commercially prepared diets especially the dry varieties. We encourage pet owners to feed a single diet suitable for their pets nutritional requirements which then allows the digestive tract to settle on one food. Chopping and changing diets to provide variety is very much a human need that we impose on pets and may actively encourage tummy upsets, fussiness and food intolerances.

We do not recommend feeding less than twice daily. Too infrequent feeding can lead to a very slow metabolic rate that encourages food to be laid down as fat. Infrequent feeds can also encourage the vomiting of bile as the stomach “craves” something to digest. Any changes made to a diet for whatever reason should be made gradually.

Choosing the Correct Food for Your Dog

Choosing the Correct Food for Your Cat