Exotic Disease


This disease affects almost all parts of the body. It causes skin problems, weight loss, eye disease, lameness, and kidney failure. Signs may come and go. It is common around the Mediterranean inc Portugal, Southern France, Italy and Greece. ‘Tatty’ looking dogs you see in these areas, with bald patches around their eyes may have Leishmaniasis. Treatment is difficult and most relapse. It can affect people.

Leishmaniasis is spread by sandflies – found in wooded areas and gardens rather than beaches. They feed on blood and are active at night in summer months. There is no vaccination.

Prevention – avoid high risk areas, keep indoors one hour before dusk to one hour after sunrise, and Use insecticides including impregnated collars.



Heartworm mainly affects dogs and occasionally cats. It is transmitted by mosquitoes and is common in Southern Europe, USA, and tropical countries. After infection larvae travel in the blood to the heart and lungs where they develop. Signs include soft cough, lethargy, weight loss, and loss of body condition. Eventually heart failure causes death.

Prevention – avoid high risk areas and use preventives.


Babesia organisms transmitted by ticks invade, multiply in, and destroy red blood cells. Affected animals develop fever, anaemia, weakness, weight loss, anorexia and blood in the urine. Tick areas are common on the continent with Babesiosis prevalent in France.

Prevention – protect your dog from ticks.



Ehrlichiosis is spread by ticks and affects white blood cells causi ng immunosuppression and bleeding disorders. Signs are fever, nose bleeds, skin haemorrhages leading to weight loss, arthritis, and possibly convulsions.

Prevention – protect your dog from ticks.